Northwest Fire Station No. 34 & No. 35

NWFD Station No. 34

The original fire station No. 34 was built less than 15 years before this project. Still, it was already undersized and inadequate for the Owner’s needs. The Fire District considered constructing a new facility versus renovating the existing training center. In the end, the current fire station was completely gutted, expanded, and brought up to Code. The apparatus bays are now double deep, there are plenty of individual dorms, and the firefighters have room to stretch out in a day room.

NWFD Station No. 35

Tucson’s Northwest Fire District purchased an existing residence on the far west side of Tucson for conversion into a new fire station. The renovation replaced a cramped rental facility that previously served as Fire Station No. 35. The residential garage was converted into dorm rooms and an exercise room, and double depth, two-bay garage with associated storage spaces was added. The completed fire station blends into the character of the surrounding neighborhood, due to a series of lengthy discussions with neighbors and the public.