Tucson Convention Center

From the outset, the idea behind the new Tucson Convention Center Ticket Box Office was to create a small but significant addition- a “Jewel Box”. This concept sets the addition apart from the existing structure and begins to create a new image for the Convention Center. The jewel box is purposely designed to be visually light and airy juxtaposed against the heavy and rough concrete and masonry walls to the existing structure. The materials for the ticket office are high tech in nature; glass- finished metal and transulcent glass panels make up a majorirty of the exterior skin of the office. In stark contrast to the main building, the finish allows light to reflect off and be transmitted through- both brightening and lightening at the same time.

Almost floating above the ticket office space is a larger metal scrim. The scrim is made up of perforated metal panels that act as a visual plane to contain the new building signage and media displays. The perforated metal panels again add to the lightness and compliments the high tech feel. The location of the signage plane is asymmetrically placed over the ticket office; this combined with other asymmetrical elements of the ticket office elevations, and the kinetic nature of the signage display gives the addition a feeling of energy and movement that the existing building does not have.