green/sustainable building design


Breckenridge Group is committed to keeping the environment in mind as we plan and design each project. We have LEED accredited professionals on our staff and are working on projects seeking LEED Certification. Sustainable facilities seeking LEED certification or not, lead lower operational costs and reduce negative heat effects on occupants.

With the implementation of LEED v3 and increased emphasis on energy- efficiency, we now have sustainability analysis software specifically designed to address whole-building energy use. Additional analysis services include:_MG_7579_TomsEdit-300dpi

  • Carbon Emission Reporting
  • Water Usage and Cost Evaluation
  • View Shed, Shadow line and Solar Radiation Analysis
  • Thermal Performance Analysis
  • LEED Daylighting Credit and Energy Study Scoring
  • Wind, Ventilation and Photovoltaic Impact and Performance Analysis