Corona Foothills Middle School

Breckenridge Group in association with Orcutt Winslow Partnership was selected to design Vail Unified School District’s next middle school, built adjacents to Sycamore Elementary in Corona De Tucson. To reduce costs and create efficiency, the two schools share a library and cafeteria. A committee of staff, parents, and community members planned the new middle school. The project was established using Arizona state’s formula for funding new school construction, with additional funds provided by the school district. The state share of the budget was $5M while $750M was provided directly from the school district. The budget includes the construction of all middle school facilities mandatory by the state plus a gymnasium. This funding includes allowances for parking, one soccer field, one softball field, and site landscaping. Breckenridge Group helped to develop the square footage models, enabling the District to “overlap” functions of the existing elementary and middle school so that a gymnasium was included in the scope. It was essential to follow the tilt-up and masonry construction type to meet the square footage requirements with the available funding.