Drexel Height Fire Station No. 403

This new 8,943 SF station replaced Drexel Heights Fire District’s original volunteer fire station on the same site. The original building had been through too many additions over the years and was no longer functional. Wood beams were rotten, making the entire structure unsafe, unhealthy, and not up to current building codes. Besides, the original station could not meet the current or future demands due to recent development in Tucson’s southwest, suburban neighborhoods. Breckenridge Group created a modern, yet economical design with a $1.1M budget that includes six dorm rooms, a dayroom, a full professional kitchen, a weight room, and appliance storage. One of the strategies the firm employed to keep construction costs within budget was the reuse of the existing driveway and street accesses. The choice of materials and finishes, like the stained concrete floors, provides for a durable and easily maintainable station. Skylights take advantage of Tucson’s sunny days and provide natural daylight throughout the corridors, while also saving on energy costs. It was important that during the entire process that the fire station could stay open, and therefore the new station was designed around the existing fire station.